Q and A: Find the 2 Hottest Digits

Question: I have a question for you. The day before yesterday the key match in NJ was digit 1. It did not hit. Today digits match are 5 7. Should digit 1 be forgotten and 5 and 7 played? Or is digit 1 still good for today in New Jersey? I just wanted to know the answer to this question. When there is a key match and it doesn’t hit that day and the following day you have two new matches? What should we do? Thanks a lot for your time and expertise.

Answer: I no longer use key digits or Code-3 digits or matching digits. I have found something better. I talk about this new strategy on the $600 Report.

Look at the last 8 drawings and find the 2 hottest digits. These two digits tend to hit in the next 2 drawings. The Visual Digit Distribution program is perfect for this. Let me give you an example from April 3 in New York. I will use the last 8 drawings starting from April 3.

Visual Digit Distribution 

8 Numbers used:

036 977 032 396 261 634 974 132 

Visual Digit Distribution:

3 6 2 7 9 0 1 4

3 6 2 7 9 0 1 4

3 6 2 7 9

3 6



The two hottest digits here are 3 and 6.

576 and 183 hit the next day on April 4.

So instead of looking for key digits or key matches, find the two hottest digits in the last 8 drawings.

However, sometimes you will have to play around with the numbers because using exactly 8 numbers will many time NOT give you exactly 2 hot digits. So try using the last 7 or 6 numbers – or you may have to use the last 9 or 10 numbers (maximum). Play around with the numbers until you find the set of numbers that gives you exactly 2 hot digits. Usually that will be anywhere from the last 6 to 10 numbers.


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