System 88

Stop Using System 88. Book-47 will Have Several Updates and Improvements

I just figured out a way to use 7 digits while at the same time make the system more accurate! I will explain these improvements in Book-47, out this coming Sunday August 7. I will email it to you in the morning if you are VIP or 7 Day Club member. To learn how to […]

How to Make $3060 per Month!

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How to Get 9 Straight Hits in 10 Drawings! (NEW SYSTEM!!)

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Book-44: Learn How to Get 10 Straight Hits in ONE WEEK!

I just sent out Book-44 to 7 Day Club and VIP members and I have to tell you; this is one of the BEST books I have ever put out. I go over many strategies here and the most important one is an improvement I made to the 8 digits used in System 88. The […]