Book-44: Learn How to Get 10 Straight Hits in ONE WEEK!

I just sent out Book-44 to 7 Day Club and VIP members and I have to tell you; this is one of the BEST books I have ever put out. I go over many strategies here and the most important one is an improvement I made to the 8 digits used in System 88. The new strategy I am using to pick the 8 digits resulted in 10 STRAIGHT hits in New York last week (July 10-17). Right now these are paper hits – but soon I will start playing this system for REAL. Below is a list of the strategies you will find in Book-44, which should be up on Amazon tomorrow or on Tuesday. However, I can email you the PDF edition TODAY if you join the 7 Day club today. Just email me at with this on the subject line of your email: “$12-7 Day Club” and I will send you a Paypal invoice for $12 right away. I will send you Book-44 (along with 8 other books) right after I get payment. You will also get 30 day access to my programs and the next 4 books in the series: Books 45, 46, 47, and 48. NOTE: The part about getting 10 straight hits in one week is NOT a theory. It really happened. The new updated System 88 predicted these 10 straight numbers in New York last week: 771, 791, 259, 749, 292, 717, 671, 207, 669, 719.

>A Breakdown of System 88.
>How to Make Money Automatically.
>A Step by Step Explanation of my Blanket Betting Strategy.
>A Detailed Explanation of Exactly What To Do in 5dimes when Using System 88 and the Blanket Betting Strategy. This explanation includes several SCREENSHOTS of my 5dimes back office so you can SEE clearly exactly what I am explaining.
>What NOT to do in the 5dimes back office.
>WHY System 88 MUST Show a Profit Every WEEK.
>Rule 69 and System 88: A Very Powerful Combination.
>How to identify the Weakest Digit.
>NEW: Negative Keys.
>How to Get 10 Straight Hits in ONE WEEK!

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