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The Chapters of My Book

Below are the chapters of my upcoming book. It will be available for purchase at Amazon in a week or two. The information on chapters 19 and 30, and 33 is completely new. Price? Just $2.99 !! 1-Level 1: FREE Reports/Strategies/Updates 2-Level 2: One Month Access for $60 3-Level 3: Ongoing Access Every Month 4-The […]

GOOD NEWS: The NY-CA-OH-OK-TX-VA Numbers Posted: Need FL April 27 to March 12

I have good news! With the help of a few good people, I have posted the straight numbers for several states HERE.  I just realized that I have the Florida numbers up to March 12….so if you have the Florida numbers written down somewhere from now (April 28 or April 27) going back to March […]

Email Me 300 Numbers to Get Your Straight Numbers for May

I want to post the straight numbers for as many states as possible for May HERE: However, I am going to need some help. Please email me the last 300 numbers that hit your state so I can isolate the best straight numbers for May for your state. 300 numbers is about the last 5 months worth of numbers. And I […]

Seeking Testimonials for My eBook (3 Weeks of FREE Access)

There are currently several Pick 3 Kindle books on Amazon as you can see on this PAGE. Well, they are about to get some competition soon because I will be putting up my own Pick 3 ebook on Amazon in a week or two. That is why I am looking for testimonials to include on my book.    In […]

The $3 Special: 60 Day Access for $3 !!

I am setting up a new program that will give you access to my programs for 30 days…..for just $3 !! (Instead of the regular $60). I guess you can call this the $3 Special. LOGIN PAGE. This will require that you have some writing ability. If interested, email me with “$3 Special” on the subject line. […]

FREE Straight Number Predictions for May!

FREE Straight Number Predictions Coming Up! For details, click HERE.

New York Straight List: 113, 431, 838

I would love to see if any of these three numbers hits NY straight in the next 15 to 30 days. That would be amazing! For the NY report go HERE.  

Pick 3 Revolution!

Pick 3 Revolution! Click HERE for Details!

Florida 3-Way Report for March 31, 2015

Florida 3-Way Report for March 31, 2015 – GO HERE

My NEW Kindle Blog is Up…..Did I Just Make $4.15 ???

Today is Wednesday April 22. I always keep my word. I said I would be putting up a Kindle Blog. And here it is……. I am still working on it, but its up! ================================ I just checked the back office of my Amazon account… I may be reading this wrong….but it looks like I already […]