FREE Access, The $100,000 System, Updates

I have some exciting updates! First of all, if you are new, make sure you email me with FREE ACCESS on the subject line of your email so I can give you FREE access to my programs until FEBRUARY 10. This will give you access to all my Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Take […]

My $100,000 System

I just sent out an email explaining my $100,000 System. In it I explain a system I will be using in the near future to consistently make $100,000. This email should be in your inbox if you are on my email list. If you did not get it, email me with SEND ME $100,000 SYSTEM […]


EMAIL I JUST GOT My login to your site has expired.  How do I restore my login to your site? MY RESPONSE You have two options.  You can get 3 months of Basic membership for $20. This only gives you access to my Pick 3 programs. If interested, email me with this on the subject line of your […]


I just sent out an email where I discuss MICHIGAN, NORTH CAROLINA and the basics of getting straight hits in the Pick 5 game. You should have gotten this email if you are on my email list. If you did not get it, simply email me with SEND MI-NC-P5 on the subject line of your […]

STRAIGHT Pick 4 and Pick 5 Programs (NEW!)

Good News! The straight coding programs for the Pick 4 and Pick 5 games are up! GOLD SPECIAL > PICK 3 DAILY HITS > KEY PLAYLIST REPORT > PICK 3 NEW YORK DAILY HITS-80 > PICK 3 NEW YORK PLAYLIST-80 > PICK 3 NEW YORK DAILY HITS-60 > PICK 3 NEW YORK PLAYLIST-60 > PICK […]

STRAIGHT CODING-55555 (NEW Program!!)

If you play the Pick 5 game, you will love this.  The Straight Coding-55555 program will be up soon. Below are the instructions that will come with the program.  This program will give you straight number formulas for the Pick 5 game (example: 45892, 21938, 10478, etc.). Enter one or more Pick 5 numbers below and the program will […]

Pick 5, Pick 4, ABCDE, Money List

EMAIL I JUST GOT How are you? Anymore good news? The pick 5 is kicking me on the side of my head but at least I got a couple box hits so far using the ABCDE system. MY RESPONSE You definitely have to stick with box numbers with the Pick 5 game (example; 56891, 78123). I actually think that […]

The WIN 4 STRAIGHT Number System (NEW!)

I have an exciting announcement. I just came up with a WIN 4 (Pick 4) system that sounds almost too good to be true – but so far this system has generated 3 STRAIGHT hits in the last 6 weeks in New York. There are a few incredible things about this system. They are listed below. 1-You only […]

Pick 5 Program is up (NEW!)

I just sent out an email discussing two brand NEW programs on the Pick 5 game! (45789, 87123, 90343, etc.). If you are on my email list, the email should be in your inbox. If you did not get the email, email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com with SEND PICK 5 EMAIL on the subject line of […]