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3 Days Left! (GOLD Special)

I offer 4 levels of membership: 1-FREE 10 Day Training. This level is completely FREE. Go here for details: 2-EXPRESS This level is also free. At this level you get all my new reports right away. You get them before my general list gets it. Sometimes I send out special reports just to this list (and not […]

Merry Christmas! (FREE Reports, FREE Training)

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you had a great 2018 (I sure did) and wish for you an even better 2019. Suggestion #1: This is a great time to write out what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. I suggest you write this list, then PRINT it,  then put this list somewhere where you can see it every […]

How to use all my Pick 3 and Pick 4 Programs—for 4 Months!

Quick reminder: Gold membership is 3 months for $60. But I have a Special until midnight December 31: 4 months of Gold membership for $60. Gold membership will give you access to all my Pick 3 and Win 4 programs until APRIL of next year. You can see all my programs on the left hand menu of this PAGE.  […]

20 STRAIGHT Numbers for the Pick 3 Game–NEW REPORT!

If you play Pick 3, you should definitely read this NEW report! Click on the link below to open this brand new PDF.  20 STRAIGHT Numbers-UPDATES-PICK 3

Two FREE Reports, FREE Training, Gold Special

I have a couple of announcements. I had a 4 month Gold special a few weeks back. I will be having the same special until the end of this year (Gold membership is normally 3 months for $60). So you can request 4 months of Gold membership anytime from now until December 31. If interested, email me with this on […]

The Win 4 Coding Master Training is Ready!

The Win 4 Training is ready! I just finished writing the Win 4 Coding Mastery Training program.  This is an email based training that will teach you how to code the Win 4 game using my brand new Win 4 Coding Program: Win-4 Programs > NEW YORK 16 > ARKANSAS 12 > CALIFORNIA 12 > CALIFORNIA […]

8451 Just Hit Florida

I just sent out the updated Win 4 Excel sheet for Florida.  The sheet gives you 13 numbers to play for the week (Sunday to Saturday) and the FIRST number on the list for this week is 1548, which just hit Florida TODAY as 8451.  Check your inbox if you are a Gold, Basic, or […]

WIN 4 MASTER: Advanced Coding Lessons

I said that I will be creating an email based training program to train GOLD members on how to code the Win 4 game using my Brand NEW Win 4 Coding Program (this program does most of the thinking and calculating for you; this means that you do NOT have to figure out what the codes are when […]

ADVANCED Win 4 Training (FREE for Gold Members)

I have some exciting news. I sent out a report yesterday stating that the Win 4 programs I have up are of limited use because the codes have to be updated consistently; ideally every week. Therefore, I will do the following: 1-I will create a FREE training course (via email) for Gold members. This will teach you everything you […]

The Win 4 Codes Must Be Updated Every WEEK!

Click on the link below to open up this Special Report! The Win 4 Codes Must Be Updated Every Week