Two FREE Reports, FREE Training, Gold Special

I have a couple of announcements.

I had a 4 month Gold special a few weeks back.

I will be having the same special until the end of this year (Gold membership is normally 3 months for $60). So you can request 4 months of Gold membership anytime from now until December 31. If interested, email me with this on the subject line of your email: $60-GOLD 4 MONTHS.

I will send you a Paypal invoice for $60. After I get payment, I will give you access to ALL my Win 4 and Pick 3 programs for the next 4 months; now to APRIL 2019. You can see my programs on the left hand menu HERE. 

Second; My Win 4 system will now be based on you coding the numbers yourself. This will make it possible for you to quickly identify the hottest codes and enter them into an excel sheet. The excel sheet will then give you the actual numbers to play for the coming week once the 40 number distribution is entered on the top left of the sheet.

I know; this all seems pretty complicated.

However, I am currently offering a FREE email based Training to Gold members that will teach you (step by step) exactly how to code the Win 4 game using the brand new Win 4 Coding Program.

This Win 4 Coding Program will speed things up for you, but you have to know what you are doing. This Training will explain how to code the Win 4 game in detail:

*How to collect your numbers.
*How to enter them into Excel.
*How to identify the hottest codes.
*How to turn the hottest codes into the
actual numbers to play for the next 7 days.

I have two free reports that you might be interested in.

This report includes both a PDF and an Excel sheet. The report explains how the Excel sheet works. I use the numbers for FLORIDA in my explanation – but the explanation applies to all states and all excel sheets. To get this report, email me with SEND-HOW TO USE EXCEL SHEET on the subject line of your email.

2-I have the Excel sheets for Georgia, Missouri, and New York. This means that if you enter the 40 number distribution on the top left hand corner on Saturday night, the sheet will give you the Win 4 numbers to play for the next 7 days. To get this report, email me with this on the subject line of your email: SEND EXCEL SHEET FOR GA-MO-NY

By the way…updating the excel sheet for your state will give you more accurate numbers than the Win 4 programs I have up. The problem with the programs is that the codes that the programs are based on get old fast – but the codes can be updated quickly on excel.

That is why I am currently offering Gold members the FREE email Training I mentioned earlier; once you learn how to code the Win 4 game on your own, you will not need to depend on the Win 4 programs; you will be able to get the hot codes on your own and enter them into the excel sheet (the Training teaches you how to do this too).

Again, this Training is only for Gold members and if you join as a Gold member between now and December 31 you will get 4 months for $60. Just email me with $60-GOLD 4 MONTHS on the subject line of your email to get started.


What I stated assumes you know how to use Excel. If you do not know how to use Excel, I suggest you watch some of these videos HERE. 


If you are brand new to this blog and you know very little (or nothing) about my 7 Day Coding System, I suggest two things:

1-Read this page:

2-Read this Kindle (just $2.99):

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