How Coding Works (NEW Kindle)

My next Kindle will be titled: How Coding Works Here I will explain my new updated coding system based on the last 200 numbers. All my Excel sheets are based on this coding system. The Kindle will explain, step by step, how to code your state. I will also provide a link to to a […]

Pennsylvania Kindle Coming Soon

I have collected the codes for the Pennsylvania Pick 3 game. However, instead of just putting up the Excel sheet, I will writea detailed explanation of the exact coding system I am usingand how I came up with the hot codes for PA. This explanationwill answer alot of questions. This explanation will be on my […]

The Texas Win 4 System! ($750, $2250, $4500, $9000)

I have 3 Win 4 Kindles that I will be putting up on Amazon soon; for Texas, North Carolina, and Missouri. The Texas Kindle will be going up first. Then North Carolina, then Missouri. The basic text in each will be the same but the exact codes (and Excel sheet) for each Kindle will be unique to that […]

17 Steps to Success!

================================================= Click on the link below to open up the FREE PDF edition! 17 STEPS to Success-FREE Edition  

Book-705: A Sure Thing (This Works 100% of the Time!)

Coming Soon! There is only one thing I have seen in the Pick 3 game that works 100% of the time. This single pattern or system requires you to play 10 numbers per week and will give you 1 to 2 hits per week consistently, week after week. In this book I explain exactly what this […]

Book-2 is up on Amazon!

Book-2 is up on Amazon! Make sure you read Book-1 first:

New Kindle!

Secrets-2 is now just $2.99

Today is Friday April 21. Four of the best Kindles books I have up on Amazon are now just $2.99 (they were previously $9.99). In Secrets-2 I explain a tracking system that does not require the use of any program. This means that this can be used purely as a Pen and Paper system. I reveal […]

3 of My Top Kindle Books

Secrets-3 =========================================== Secrets-2 =========================================== Advanced Tracking Systems (Read this book right after reading Secrets-2)

Make $5,000 Every Month: Kindle Secrets Revealed!

QUESTION HI Anthony!! I have a question about your kindle books. Are they making money for you? (and I don’t mean to get personal on this – I don’t want your figures for the year lol). I just want to know if it really works. I read your last post for the year and even […]