New Kindle!

Secrets-2 is now just $2.99

Today is Friday April 21. Four of the best Kindles books I have up on Amazon are now just $2.99 (they were previously $9.99). In Secrets-2 I explain a tracking system that does not require the use of any program. This means that this can be used purely as a Pen and Paper system. I reveal […]

3 of My Top Kindle Books

Secrets-3 =========================================== Secrets-2 =========================================== Advanced Tracking Systems (Read this book right after reading Secrets-2)

Make $5,000 Every Month: Kindle Secrets Revealed!

QUESTION HI Anthony!! I have a question about your kindle books. Are they making money for you? (and I don’t mean to get personal on this – I don’t want your figures for the year lol). I just want to know if it really works. I read your last post for the year and even […]

You Do NOT Need a Kindle Device to Buy my Books at Amazon

You do NOT need a Kindle device to buy my books at Amazon. When you purchase one of my books, you will be able to view it right on your computer (you will be guided to download the kindle viewing program after you purchase the book). I personally do NOT have a kindle–but I can view any […]

All Kindle Books are Now $2.99 !!

I am going to try a little experiment. I will be pricing all my Kindle books at $2.99. That is a GREAT price. This means that you can now get any of the Straight books I just put up for $2.99. Here are the links to my books: (If you still see $9.99…it means that […]

STRAIGHT Numbers Coming Up!

Today is Monday July 27, 2015 and this morning a brilliant idea hit me as I looked at my calendar: What if I put the straight numbers for several states in a Kindle book….good for next month (August)? I would have to put the book up on Amazon by or before August 1 (or 2) and […]