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Good for Midday Tue May 20 New York

No hit in New York tonight. Here is my 2 of 4 predictions for New York. Below is the output of the brand new program, DTD 40.  The 40 numbers  are good for the Tuesday May 20 drawing in New York. DTD 40 10 Numbers used: 580 110 373 873 362 242 504 092 718 […]

DTD 40 Gives the Same 3 Code Digits But in a Different Order

The DTD 40 program gives the same three Code digits as the regular Code-3 programs but in a different order. For example, the three Code digits for these 10 numbers (830 219 310 042 473 481 592 925 420 784) is 490 as you can see below. Code-3-BASIC 10 Numbers used: 830 219 310 042 473 481 […]

DTD 40 is Up at

DTD 40 is up and running right now at This program only gives those numbers with the three Code digits; thus reducing the list from 56 down to 40 numbers! And it looks like New York is once again due some DTD numbers because none have hit in the last 4 drawings. So here […]

Benefits of Membership

Question and Answer  Hi Anthony, I recently subscribed to your email list for the Pick 3, but I think I am interested in the coaching program.  What are the basic advantages to the coaching program?  Does that mean you will be available for help when needed?  I really want to try and generate a consistent income […]

092 Just Hit New York

092 Just Hit New York (midday Friday May 16). The DTD Program had it as 9-2-0. DTD Reference Box 9 3 6 5 7 0 8 4 1 4 2 2 Playlist 9584-3742-6012: 024 025 028 029 034 035 038 039 045 047 048 049 057 078 079 124 125 128 129 134 135 138 […]

New York: 1 of 4

New York: 1 of 4 I am expecting another hit for New York from the DTD 56 program in the next 4 drawings starting with the midday drawing for tomorrow, Friday May 16. The 56 numbers below are good for tomorrows New York midday drawing. DTD 56 10 Numbers used: 718 077 221 005 830 […]

Example of Members Only email

See the PDF report below to see an example of the Members Only email I send out on a regular basis to those on my paid coaching program. By the way, you should have gotten this PDF report if you are on my email list, which is FREE to join. To be added to my […]

How to Make $1500 a Month

Question and Answer Hi Anthony. I’ve followed you for quite a while and I need your advice, insight, opinion and strategy on something.  I need to make an extra $1,500 a month.  I feel I can do it with the pick3/pick4 games.  Do you have a strategy that can consistently (almost guarantee) one number that […]

FREE Access to – How to Get the 56 Numbers

Today is Saturday May 10. As promised, I am offering 2 days of free access to my site this weekend: Unfortunately, the DTD 56 program I mentioned previously is not up yet. (DTD means “Draw to Draw”) The person who is going to set it up for me is busy today, so the program […]

NEW PDF Report: Record the Numbers in Box Form

Click on the link below to upload my latest report on the benefits of recording the results in your state in box form. Record the Numbers in Box Form