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Hi Anthony, I recently subscribed to your email list for the Pick 3, but I think I am interested in the coaching program.  What are the basic advantages to the coaching program?  Does that mean you will be available for help when needed?  I really want to try and generate a consistent income with the Pick 3, I don’t need to break the bank, just want to pay bills.  Thanks.



The paid Pick 3 coaching program I offer is basically two things:

(1) Having access to all my programs at, especially the DTD 56 program, which right now is the most accurate program on the site. I have been making a lot of accurate predictions lately for several states using this program.

(2) You will get my Members Only emails where I discuss my latest Pick 3 breakthrough and discoveries as they happen. I usually send these emails out the same day I make a discovery or learn something new about the game. I used to send these emails out to everyone on my list – but now I only send then out to those who are on my paid coaching program. Just yesterday, for example, I sent out a report on how to use the Code 3 digits to reduce the 56 numbers from the DTD 56 program.

And you of course can email me at any time with your specific questions and I will be happy to answer them.

UPDATE: A new version of the DTD 56 program will be coming out soon that gives you LESS than 56 numbers to play. I believe it will be 40 numbers…not 100% sure yet, but it will be significantly less than 56 numbers. These numbers are good for the very next drawing in your state. After each drawing, you enter the last 10 numbers on the program to get your next set of numbers. I highly recommend you have a before you use this system AND you keep track of when the DTD program hits or misses. That is how I predicted the 718 that hit New York on Thursday May 15: the DTD program did not hit on the previous 3 drawings, so I knew a hit was due.

The coaching program is $60 per month.

You can join at the bottom of the page below:




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