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New York—3 Day Watch List

One of these 22 box numbers should hit NY on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.   059 066 067 068 069 077 078 079 088 089 099 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 122 123 Here is the breakdown of the list: Singles 059 067 068 069 078 079 089 123 (8) Doubles 066 […]

They Changed Machines in New York

If you want to make BIG MONEY, you have to focus on ONE state. Yes, you can have other states as back up (you can jump on them when you see the right opportunity) but you want to make ONE state your main state. This will usually be your home state. This is a state […]

The Master Habit (page 55)

I just updated the Lottodds report. It is 60 pages long (the two extra pages I added carry alot of weight!) The advanced stuff is on pages 55 to 60. This includes The Master Habit (page 55). I just put up the report as a FREE product on my website. This report is now available […]

How to Use Lottodds (PDF Report–SENT!)

I just sent out the most powerful report I have ever written about the Pick 3 game. This is not a short 5 or 10 page document—it is 58 pages long! In this highly detailed report I explain the basics of using the amazing tools provided by The report has many PICTURES and screenshots […]

Disregard the Last Numbers I Posted

Please disregard the last set of numbers I predicted. Its a new system and I have to make an adjustment to it to make it better. I will be posting new numbers in 2 to 3 days.

087 —>> 246 (Virginia)

The Follower System Works! 087 hit Virginia last night. 246 just hit Virginia. 246 is a follower of 078. The Followers of 078 012 038 045 059 067 136 147 156 189 235 246 248 279 349 379 578 689

668—>> 967 (New York)

The Follower System Works! 668 hit New York last night. 967 just hit New York 679 is a follower of 668. The Followers of 668 013 025 049 057 068 127 149 156 178 236 239 248 345 378 467 589 679

Pure Genius: Next Level Tracking Systems

I just found this video on YouTube. It was posted by Darrell Walden Sr; a true master of the game. His channel is here. If you play Pick 3 or Pick 4, I suggest you watch (and rewatch) this video carefully. Here you will find the kind of DEEP analysis of the game that we […]

Q & A: How to Get a Little Better Every Day

QUESTION I JUST GOT I have a question. When I get the last draw number in my state and look for the connected numbers;  do I need to keep playing the same 17 or 51 numbers until I hit? Or should I play 51 numbers only for one day and then (if i don’t hit)  […]

NEW Product: The 3-Way Followers!

I just put up a new product. This product solves the 3 main problems found on my original list of followers. Go here for details: