They Changed Machines in New York

If you want to make BIG MONEY, you have to focus on ONE state. Yes, you can have other states as back up (you can jump on them when you see the right opportunity) but you want to make ONE state your main state. This will usually be your home state. This is a state that you follow every day (even if you do not play every day). When you do that, you soon start to get a FEEL about what numbers (or what types of numbers) will hit next.

When something changes in the structure of the game (they change machines or they mix things up in the background or they start using a new set of balls, or they do drawings that are not listed as they do in TEXAS), you will get a 6th sense or feeling that something is NOT right. SOMETHING has broken the natural continuum of the game because the numbers that should be hitting are NOT hitting. 

That is the case in New York recently. Several HHH numbers hit last week. And actually, two HHH numbers hit on Friday April 24 (966 and 967) and based on the rhythm of the game (which I am closely in tune with since I follow the game every day), a 0 or a 1 should have hit the following day on Saturday. It is now Tuesday morning and so far no LLL (low-low-low: 01234) number has hit New York (maybe a LLL number will hit today). 

Instead of getting LLL numbers we have been getting numbers that are just “out of character” for NY. The numbers that have hit since Friday seem out of place (and only a person who follows New York day to day will know this). Those out of place numbers are: 745, 457, 455, 385, 284, 497.

If you follow New York like I do, I am sure you will agree with these observations. 

What is the main lesson here?

There are 4 important lessons here and they are:

Lesson 1: Pick one state to be your master state. Lets call your main state your master state (you are going to master the numbers that hit this state). You should pay attention to the numbers that hit your master state every day so you can get in tune with that state. This does NOT mean that you play every day, just that you follow or record the numbers that hit your master state (ideally) every day. That way you will develop a strong connection with the numbers that should be hitting in your master state. When something feels off (which will happen when they change machines or balls or something else in the background) you will know it and you will pull away and not play for a while. You will wait until things are back to normal again. 

Lesson 2: Do NOT play when something does not feel right. If you see weird numbers coming out (you can only know this if you follow the numbers that hit every day), STOP playing and wait for things to go back to normal again before playing. 

Lesson 3: Only make your BIG BETS in your master state. If you are going to put alot of money on a number or set of numbers, only do it for numbers in your master state. 

Lesson 4: You can play other states – but do not place any big bets on these states. Do not risk alot of money on states that you do not follow very closely. 


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