The Only Way To Improve

EMAIL I JUST GOT We need your help. I bought your Followers-Delta 5 book through Amazon and back tested the month of July and August, but it does not work for our state.  I also back tested the Automatic Hit List for the month of July, but it did not give us results.  We also […]

If you are NEW, Read This

    Below is an email I just sent out to a new member of my Pick 3 list.  The information on it applies to every new person to my systems.  ============================  I offer Pick 3 systems and programs and I recommend playing online at because of the bigger payouts. They pay $150 for a […]

The 5Dimes Report: The Secret Formula Revealed

I am putting the finishing touches on my next report titled: The 5Dimes Report: The Secret Formula Revealed And I have to tell you; this is going to be an amazing report. Right now I am up to 17 pages (pretty long by my standards; most of my reports are just a few pages long) […]

The Vanilla Reload Card

Today is Saturday December 6. If you are on my paid coaching program, log into and go to the Reports section. You will see a brand new report: **The Vanilla Reload Card** This one has graphics! Check it out to see what I mean! ============================================= You can test out ALL my Pick 3 programs and read […]

Anthonys Journal: Up to Date Predictions/Strategies

 What are my latest predictions and strategies? What am I thinking about right now? What is my latest Pick 3 breakthrough? I decided today to write my latest strategies on a day to day journal. Click on the link at the end of this post to open it. I have to clean it up a […]

Results for ALL States (FREE Access)

FREE Access to All Pick 3 Results Go to this page for details: =============================== SAVE THIS PAGE under your Favorites

The Problem is Mental

EMAIL I JUST GOT:   Hi Anthony, How are you?  I’ve been using your BASIC BOX system here in Maryland. I started using it Oct. 22. Through tonight, it has hit on 31 of the past 34 days. Pretty good huh? Rather than play all 85 #’s, what I’ve been doing is combining it with another […]

Why I Only Play Singles

I have gotten a few emails lately from people asking me for strategies on how to hit singles. Here is my response to one of those emails: =================================================================== I have a system that hits virtually every day now. Why are you wondering off and trying to work on doubles? Singles hit 72% of the time; that […]

About a week ago I gave you a link to give to people who would be interested in my Pick 3 coaching. Disregard that link. Use this one instead. Its way better! Just tell your friends to put in their name and email to be added to my email list for FREE Pick 3 coaching. Email […]

How To Use the Programs

Here are instructions on using the programs on Make sure to read the instructions on top of every program. For most programs you will have to enter the last 10 numbers, starting with the most recent first. For example, lets look at the New York results for February 10, 2014. I would enter 294 and […]