The Only Way To Improve

EMAIL I JUST GOT We need your help. I bought your Followers-Delta 5 book through Amazon and back tested the month of July and August, but it does not work for our state.  I also back tested the Automatic Hit List for the month of July, but it did not give us results.  We also […]

If you are NEW, Read This

    Below is an email I just sent out to a new member of my Pick 3 list.  The information on it applies to every new person to my systems.  ============================  I offer Pick 3 systems and programs and I recommend playing online at because of the bigger payouts. They pay $150 for a […]

The 5Dimes Report: The Secret Formula Revealed

I am putting the finishing touches on my next report titled: The 5Dimes Report: The Secret Formula Revealed And I have to tell you; this is going to be an amazing report. Right now I am up to 17 pages (pretty long by my standards; most of my reports are just a few pages long) […]

The Vanilla Reload Card

Today is Saturday December 6. If you are on my paid coaching program, log into and go to the Reports section. You will see a brand new report: **The Vanilla Reload Card** This one has graphics! Check it out to see what I mean! ============================================= You can test out ALL my Pick 3 programs and read […]

Anthonys Journal: Up to Date Predictions/Strategies

 What are my latest predictions and strategies? What am I thinking about right now? What is my latest Pick 3 breakthrough? I decided today to write my latest strategies on a day to day journal. Click on the link at the end of this post to open it. I have to clean it up a […]

Results for ALL States (FREE Access)

FREE Access to All Pick 3 Results Go to this page for details: =============================== SAVE THIS PAGE under your Favorites

The Problem is Mental

EMAIL I JUST GOT:   Hi Anthony, How are you?  I’ve been using your BASIC BOX system here in Maryland. I started using it Oct. 22. Through tonight, it has hit on 31 of the past 34 days. Pretty good huh? Rather than play all 85 #’s, what I’ve been doing is combining it with another […]