The Problem is Mental

Hi Anthony, How are you?  I’ve been using your BASIC BOX system here in Maryland. I started using it Oct. 22. Through tonight, it has hit on 31 of the past 34 days. Pretty good huh? Rather than play all 85 #’s, what I’ve been doing is combining it with another system. I was on your original AANewYork site. I had the 3 Key Digit Pairs remember? Anyway, later on I over complicated it by trying to get the playlist super low. Well, that didn’t work out so I got away from it entirely. Well, just recently I decided to try it again sticking with the basics.
What I do is I take the 3 Basic Box #’s and combine them with the Main Keys from the 3 Key Digit Pairs. I do the  key digits workout which gives me 32 total #’s  using the 2 Main  key digits only. I then under line all of the 32 #’s that have the 3 Basic Box #’s in them. And that’s my play list. It cuts it down to around 15-25 #’s. I’ve only been doing it for about a month, so longer testing will need to be done to see how well it works long term. Since the Key digits hit around 90% I thought it might be something good to try. Another thing is to just make pairs out of the 3 basic box #’s and the 2 key digits. Then use X as the 3rd digit. Future testing will show which works better. Just thought I’d pass this along. Good Luck!!! 
Thanks for the update.
It looks like the program works in Maryland as good as it does in NY.
Have you thought of putting say…$100 in a 5dimes account and playing all 85 numbers for 0.25 cents?
If the program is hitting 31 out of 34 days….there is no need to cut down the list; you are going to WIN most of the time.
This is the biggest stumbling block with this system; almost nobody is comfortable playing all those numbers – even when its clear they will hit.
So I have found that the main problem is mental; getting over the fear of playing so many numbers.
But I am myself getting over this fear now that I see that the 85 numbers hit virtually every day in NY. Its a matter of retraining your mind. 
Just something to think about.
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