BOX 233

The Box Can be Reduced to Six Digits

I just realized that the 3×3 box can be reduced down to just six digits. Repeating digits can be removed from the box (they are just taking up space) and the box can be consolidated by just using the first six unique digits. For example, this box: Can be reduced to this: ================================= And this […]

Look for Touching Digits in the Box-147

Always get the 3×3 box for your state on Saturday night. The box is good for the next two weeks. This means that you will always be looking at TWO boxes for your state (these weeks and last weeks box). If you are new, I explain the system HERE. LOOK at the box carefully. You […]

The 3×3 Box Coding System (NEW Product!)

I made a reference to this coding system HERE. Original system explained HERE. I am currently writing a report explaining how to code the Pick 3 game in your state using the 3×3 box as the reference point. This product will include an Excel sheet you can use to code your state – also instructions […]

The 4 Corners of the 3×3 Box

The box has 4 corners; A, B, C, and D. This is corner A: Each corner will usually give you three or four digits. In this case four: 9758. When wheeled, this gives you four numbers: 578 579 589 789. So we can say that the A corner (or location A) in this box has […]

Look at the Hot Pairs

Make sure to look at the 10 hottest pairs when considering which numbers to play from the 3×3 box. I did not include the hot pairs last week – but I will this coming week. For example, hot pair 79 hit 3x this week in NEW YORK. Notice that the 3rd digit is in the […]

978 Just Hit New York

This box is unbelievable. Other numbers on the box this week: 975, 519, and 958. UPDATE: I will code the NY Pick 3 game using this box as the reference point. I will code 20 to 40 weeks. I am doing this because I want to know which codes (or positions) on the box hit […]

The Box Coding System–PICK 4 UPDATE

The box works (see previous post). The numbers that hit from the box can be coded or classified using this system: Two numbers you want to keep in mind are the two X numbers. Those are the digits in locations 159 and 357. These two numbers tend to hit in the next 7 days over […]

The Box Works!

This box actually works! (Original post HERE). CALIFORNIA: 588 and 715. ================================= Also: 718 (8-1-7) =============================== Also 494 ============================== Also: 863 ================================ Also 394 (4-3-9) and 594 (4-5-9)

The Incredible 3×3 Box

I have found that MANY hits come from the top 3 levels of the Reference Box 10 program when the last 200 numbers are used (do this on Saturday night; the box is good for the next TWO weeks). Either of these two programs can be used: For example, below is the current output for […]