Look for Touching Digits in the Box-147

Always get the 3×3 box for your state on Saturday night. The box is good for the next two weeks. This means that you will always be looking at TWO boxes for your state (these weeks and last weeks box). If you are new, I explain the system HERE. LOOK at the box carefully. You are looking for similar digits grouped together. Usually these digits will be touching each other. Below is the box for New York for this week. Yes, I like 478 straight. I also like 417 (it can hit as 147, 714, etc.). I like 147 because as you can see below, the 4s, 7s, and 1s are touching. This means that there is an EXCELLENT chance that 147 will hit NY this or next week.

I also like 147 because they are the three hottest digits in both the last 200 and 60 drawings.



The box for NY for SEPT 17 had 12 hits in the next two weeks!

Notice that the 1s, 7s, are touching the 8 —>> 178 hit on Sept 27.

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