The Super Programs (New York)

I just put up a new program for New York. I am calling it Super 12-New York since it gives you 12 hot Pick 3 numbers for New York. This program is to be used the same way as the Lucky programs; you use it on Saturday night by entering the last 40 numbers that […]

The Ultimate Win 4 Strategy (New Report!)

This is the BEST of the BEST. Click on the link below to open my latest PDF. The BEST Win 4 Strategy-666-111-222  

004 Just Hit VIRGINIA (4 Hits in 2 Weeks!)

I am going to repeat myself again; the Lucky 7 System works best in VIRGINIA. I strongly suggest that you play the numbers in VA (you can play any state if you have a 5dimes account). I have been playing the VA Pick 3 numbers for two weeks now and so far I had 4 […]

I just hit 2371 box in New York! (ADVANCED Coding Report SENT)

I just hit 2371 box in New York! This number was predicted by the brand up (updated) New York Win 4 program. This program only gives you 6 Win 4 numbers to play! NEW YORK 6 Last Updated on November 1, 2018 1132 1669 3706 8266 5326 6800 8607 4024 9082 9030 4465 9756 4935 […]

How to Get Rich

New Report! Click on link below to open the PDF! How to Get Rich

The Ultimate Strategy Revealed!

I just sent out what I believe is the BEST and ULTIMATE Pick 3 strategy you can use based on the Key system that I explain in Book-3 which you can see HERE. If you are on my email list, check your inbox; the Discovery-4 report should be there. If not, email me with SEND […]

Book-4 is up on Amazon!

Book-4 is up on Amazon! IMPORTANT: You should read Book-3 before reading this Kindle. ========================== I have discussed many strategies in the past, but the system I explain in this book series is the BEST system I have ever come up with in my many years of studying the game. These are the previous books in the […]