North Carolina

6951 Just Hit North Carolina

6951 Just Hit North Carolina–HERE Its on my list as 9615. NORTH CAROLINA (NOV 10-23) 2705 2605 2483 2405 9615 4835 2615 2005 9861 9670 9675 4637 6175 4700 6110 2800 UPDATE—-I will be sending out the Win 4 numbers for NEW JERSEY and OHIO in a few days!

NC and VA WIN 4 NUMBERS (Nov 10-23)

Below are the Win 4 numbers for NC and VA. The numbers are good for this and next week: from now until Saturday NOV 23. The numbers are good for both the midday and evening drawings. These numbers are to be played both BOX and STRAIGHT. The numbers on the first line are better than the numbers on the second line. The first 4 […]

NORTH CAROLINA, Minnesota, Virginia

My excel sheets give you six digits.  When you wheel six digits you will always get 20 numbers. For example, if you wheel digits 123456, you will end up with these 20 numbers: 123 124 125 126 134 135 136 145 146 156  234 235 236 245 246 256 345 346 356 456  However, I forget to […]


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EMAIL I JUST GOT My login to your site has expired.  How do I restore my login to your site? MY RESPONSE You have two options.  You can get 3 months of Basic membership for $20. This only gives you access to my Pick 3 programs. If interested, email me with this on the subject line of your […]


I just sent out an email where I discuss MICHIGAN, NORTH CAROLINA and the basics of getting straight hits in the Pick 5 game. You should have gotten this email if you are on my email list. If you did not get it, simply email me with SEND MI-NC-P5 on the subject line of your […]

North Carolina is the Best State (NJ, CA)

New Report on North Carolina, New Jersey, and California. Click on the link below to open  this PDF! NORTH CAROLINA is the BEST-NJ-CA