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I hit 697 Straight in NY Last Night

If you read Book-63 (which I sent out on Sunday morning), this should not be a surprise because this is one of the numbers I listed (I also explained the system I used to get this number).

Secrets-2 and the Black Friday Special

This message is for those of you who took advantage of my Black Friday Special. Again, my Special is 3 month access to ALL my programs, which includes the VIP and Pick 4 programs for just $20. You also get Secrets-2, Secrets-3, and Book-40 with this Special.  The message is this: You will have to […]

Black Friday Special (Email Sent)

If you are on my email list, you will be getting an email with details on how you can access my VIP programs for 3 months (which includes my most advanced programs, including Pick 4 programs!) for a LOW price.  If you are not on my email list, email me at with ADD ME-VIP-SPECIAL […]

A Gold Member Got a Hit in NY

Targets and my NEW 4 Draw System

I promised a straight hit recently. I will have to put this on hold for a while because I just became aware of the single biggest limitation of my systems. Not only will I put this straight hit on hold, but I will also stop playing the straight numbers I have been playing in New […]

How to Find the Hottest Pair

EMAIL I just got: I’ve never been a fan of chasing the “due” in gambling. Is there any way of using a combination of your programs to find the trend and follow it? MY RESPONSE You can find out what the hottest pairs are by entering the last 40 numbers that hit your state into […]

NEW Report Sent! (Make sure you are on my email list)

I just sent out a brand new report. This one deals with an improvement I just made to the due pairs system I explained in Book-62. If you are on my email list, it should hit your inbox soon. If you are not on my email list, email me at or at with […]

The 20 Master Numbers in the Pick 3 Game

I hope you are on the 7 Day Club. Or that you are a VIP or Gold member. I say that because in Book-62 (out tomorrow morning) I will reveal what is probably the BIGGEST discovery I have ever made in the Pick 3 game. In Book-62 I will reveal the 20 Master Numbers in the Pick 3 game. These […]

Due Pairs in New York: 68, 49, 56, 25

4-Due Pairs 100 Numbers used: 116 833 718 302 751 848 985 722 393 142 708 308 731 000 361 660 071 346 112 530 726 938 912 970 170 046 787 620 728 591 077 624 774 454 972 833 619 337 052 241 657 459 826 310 550 047 664 783 543 809 […]

P4-P3-P2-P1: NEW Tracking System (FREE Report!)

Click on link below to open my latest PDF Report! p4-p3-p2-p1