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The 8 Numbers Kindle is up on Amazon!

The 8 Numbers Kindle is up on Amazon!

8 Super Numbers and Magic Square 149

The number 419 (149 in box form) hit New York on October 7, 2017. What if I told you that this is one of the 8 Super Numbers in the Pick 3 game? If all you did was track these numbers (to anticipate when one of them will hit next) you will do just fine. […]

My Books Are Now $2.99 !!

I have more good news! If you have not bought one or more of my Kindle books because of the $9.99 price, I have good news for you: I just priced them at $2.99. This will make them affordable to everybody! However, I suggest you act NOW and buy them at this low price as […]

If You Want the PDF of a Book, Do This (Pay Attention to the Revelation Box!)

I sent out an email this morning stating that I am lowering the price for all my kindle books to $2.99. If you go on Amazon now, you will see that now they are all priced at $2.99. This may change in the future..but they are $2.99 for now. (What I think I will do […]

All Kindle Books are Now $2.99 !!

I am going to try a little experiment. I will be pricing all my Kindle books at $2.99. That is a GREAT price. This means that you can now get any of the Straight books I just put up for $2.99. Here are the links to my books:¬† (If you still see $9.99…it means that […]

Looking Ahead: The NEXT Book

Email I just got……. Hey Anthony…I am excited about learning the new workout in the book this coming week. I know the information will be awesome!!! And yes I’ll take a box hit off of one number! Depending on how often the workout produces a winner, I would probably combo the number for a straight […]

Pick 3 Secrets Will Be Revealed!

I am putting the finishing touches on my next book. You will NOT BELIEVE all the SECRETS I will be revealing in this book! This book is BETTER and will reveal more secrets of the Pick 3 game than Volumes 1 and 2. If you are a VIP member, you will get it for FREE. […]

Get Volumes 1 and 2 for $15 (And get FREE ACCESS!!)

Volumes 1 and 2 are up on Amazon: If you have any issue getting these Kindle books from Amazon, I can make it easy for you. I can email you the PDF version of both books for $15. If interested, email me with “$15 VOL 1 and 2” on the subject line and […]

NEW Chapter Added: “HOW TO MAKE $1,860 IN 14 DAYS”

I just added a brand new and pretty exciting chapter to Volume 2: HOW TO MAKE $1,860 IN 14 DAYS (NEW SYSTEM!): In chapter 8 I will describe a very REAL and practical system you can use to make $1,860 in just 14 days. The great thing about this system is that I also teach […]

PREVIEW of Volume 3

PREVIEW of Volume 3