If You Want the PDF of a Book, Do This (Pay Attention to the Revelation Box!)

I sent out an email this morning stating that I am lowering the price for all my kindle books to $2.99. If you go on Amazon now, you will see that now they are all priced at $2.99. This may change in the future..but they are $2.99 for now. (What I think I will do in the future is make the initial price $9.99…and then lower the price later to $2.99.)

I have stated that the PDF version of the book is much easier to read, but it’s not really worth it for me to be sending out individual PDFs at $2.99 each..so what I will do is send you the PDF of any 3 books you see on Amazon for $9.99. Just email me with “$9.99–3 PDFs” on the subject line and write the titles you want on the body of your email. My email is aa2newyork@aol.com. (This does not include the list of Followers.)

You can see all the books I have on Amazon here:


PAY ATTENTION TO THE BOX AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CHEAT SHEET! Many hits are coming from there. For example, 371 hit Pennsylvania tonight…well,…it’s on the box as 1-3-7.

1 3 9
0 7 8
2 6 7
3 8 5

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