Hit Report

0931 Just Hit Ontario–3758 just hit New York

0931 just hit Ontario Canada.https://www.lotterypost.com/results/on/calendar/pick4 These are four of the six hot digits for Ontario:094513 These are on the sheet I just posted for Ontario:https://www.pick3master.com/pick-4 3758 just hit New York.https://www.lotterypost.com/results/ny/calendar/win4 It on the straight table for New York for this week.

Hits in Ohio, Georgia, California, New York!

I posted numbers for Ohio last night.Pair 61 just hit tonight in the number 161. OHIOGood for Sunday to Saturday (July 11–17)613 601 903 908 348The Hottest Pairs are 61 and 63 ============================================808 just hit Georgia.That’s pair 08.Also, 308 hit on Sunday.189 hit on Tuesday (pair 19).508 hit on Monday as 805. GEORGIAGood for Sunday […]

The Top 3 are TX, PA, and NJ

I just counted how many hits each state has gotten in the last 7 weeks (from the 10 number system) and the winners are Texas (12 hits), Pennsylvania (11 hits), and New Jersey (8 hits). Also Michigan, Ontario and South Carolina. You can see the hits from all 26 states on the chart below. I […]

Box Hit Report for May 16-22

FLORIDA913 Hit on Wednesday May 19. GEORGIA214 Hit on Wednesday May 19.291 Hit on Thursday May 20.741 Hit on Saturday May 21. ILLINOIS824 Hit on Saturday May 21. MARYLAND658 Hit on Saturday May 21. MICHIGAN032 Hit on Tuesday May 18. NEBRASKA570 Hit on Thursday May 20. NEW JERSEY105 Hit on Sunday May 16.470 Hit on […]

Box Hit Report for May 9-15

CALIFORNIA079 Hit on Wednesday May 12. INDIANA513 Hit on Friday May 14.578 Hit on Friday May 14. MARYLAND934 Hit on Saturday May 15. MICHIGAN063 Hit on Tuesday May 11.204 Hit on Thursday May 13.603 Hit on Friday May 14. MINNESOTA276 Hit on Sunday May 9.375 Hit on Saturday May 15. NORTH CAROLINA640 Hit on Tuesday […]

Hit Report for May 2-8

ARIZONA608 Hit on Tuesday May 4.869 Hit on Friday May 7. CALIFORNIA769 Hit on Saturday May 8. FLORIDA318 Hit on Monday May 3.581 Hit on Saturday May 8. GEORGIA271 Hit on Monday May 3. MARYLAND534 Hit on Thursday May 6.945 Hit on Friday May 7. NEW JERSEY967 Hit on Sunday May 2.169 Hit on Thursday […]

Hit Report April 25-May 1 (Box and Straight)

16 STATES GOT BOX HITS ARIZONA896 Hit on Saturday May 1. ARKANSAS395 Hit on Thursday April 29. CONNECTICUT310 Hit on Sunday April 25. FLORIDA541 Hit on Tuesday April 27. INDIANA395 Hit on Sunday April 25. KENTUCKY093 Hit on Sunday April 25.601 Hit on Friday April 30. MISSOURI853 Hit on Wednesday April 28. NEBRASKA517 Hit on […]

Hit Report for April 18-24

Below are the hits from last week. I am getting these 10 numbers by wheeling the 5 coldest digits in the last 200 Pick 3 numbers that hit. These 200 numbers start from the last number that hit on Saturday night. I am assuming that one or more of the 10 numbers will hit in […]

Hit Report for Last Week (April 11-17)

ARKANSAS346 Hit on Friday April 16654 Hit on Saturday April 17 FLORIDA051 Hit on Saturday April 17 GEORGIA210 Hit on Tuesday April 13 ILLINOIS208 Hit on Sunday April 11 INDIANA391 Hit on Monday April 12793 Hit on Friday April 16 KENTUCKY019 Hit on Monday April 12309 Hit on Saturday April 17 MINNESOTA496 Hit on Wednesday […]

Hits from the 60 Straight Numbers

MONDAY—FEB 1Florida–297 StraightKentucky–074 StraightMichigan–503 StraightOntario–319 StraightWashington, DC– 349 Straight SUNDAY–JAN 31Florida–189 and 091 StraightNew Jersey–780 StraightVirginia–013 StraightWisconsin–379 Straight