Trinity LWD Pick 3 Box Strategy

In the video below you will see a simplified (and super effective) version of my system. I like it because it is SIMPLE and it WORKS. Here you are only concerned with 9 trinity numbers: 011, 013, 014, 016, 018, 023, 026, 027, 028 With this strategy you will have to look for states where […]

What is a TRINITY Number?

The video makes reference to a TRINITY number.  What is that? The word can be used in TWO ways.  First, a trinity refers to the idea that every Pick 3 number is connected to two other numbers. So the word TRINITY refers to a discovery; the connection that every Pick 3 number has to two […]

What is a 3-way Follower?

This should clear up alot of confusion. Here is a question I keep getting: “What is a 3-way follower?” Here is the answer. (I will use the number 009 as an example.) The number 009 is connected to 356 and 237. So this is the trinity of 009: 009-356-237. The corresponding list of followers for […]