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Update for April 26 (Exciting Announcements!)

I have some exciting announcements. I will no longer be putting out the weekly books. Instead what I will do is put out reports on an as needed basis. These reports will be based on questions that I get by email from time to time. The following reports are currently available…for FREE! A Straight Number […]

Secrets-2 is now just $2.99

Today is Friday April 21. Four of the best Kindles books I have up on Amazon are now just $2.99 (they were previously $9.99). In Secrets-2 I explain a tracking system that does not require the use of any program. This means that this can be used purely as a Pen and Paper system. I reveal […]

The Wealth Report is up on Amazon!

Finally! The Wealth Report is here (only $2.99):   I am using a pen name here: Mike Strong. This system is NOT related to Pick 3 or Win 4. I explain here a dependable way to make money. In this Kindle I explain, in DETAIL, how I was able to make $5500 in just 48 hours […]

NEW Pick 3 Report! (FREE)

Click on link below to open this free report.  How to Find Good Doubles to Play

The Wealth Report is READY! (Read This First)

If you are a Basic, VIP, or Gold member, check your email. I just sent you a report with a special code on the bottom of the report. Email me with this code on the subject line of your email and I will send you the Wealth Report. You will get the report sometime in […]

The Introduction to the Wealth Report is Ready!

There may be a slight delay in the Wealth Report. I thought I would have it done by this coming Saturday (the 15th) but it may take me up to the 18th (next Tuesday) to finish it.  However, I do have something for you right now. I just sent out the Introduction to the Wealth Report. If you are […]

The Wealth Report ($35,000)

It is now Sunday April 9. The Wealth Building Report should be ready later this week. In this report I explain the system I used to make $5500 in 48 hours just 2 weeks ago (on March 28, 29). But I do much more in this report. I also explain what you can do to become rich. It […]

The Wealth Building System

I have two updates. First, the money report I am writing is turning out to be better than I expected. I am calling this report the Wealth Building System. This report explains the system I used to make $5500 in 48 hours LAST WEEK (on March 28 and 29). This is different from the $5500 […]