The Introduction to the Wealth Report is Ready!

There may be a slight delay in the Wealth Report. I thought I would have it done by this coming Saturday (the 15th) but it may take me up to the 18th (next Tuesday) to finish it. 

However, I do have something for you right now. I just sent out the Introduction to the Wealth Report. If you are on my email list, check your email.

If not, email me with “SEND $5500 and INTRO” on the subject line of your email. You can email me at  I will send you TWO reports right away: the $5500 Report and the Introduction. You need to read the $5500 Report before you read the Introduction.

The Introduction will give you a few clues about the actual system – but you will have to read the actual report to learn all the details of the system. There may be a delay on the Kindle (I have to get a cover for it and get the Word document formatted for Kindle) but after the Introduction I explain how you can get the Wealth Report plus 30 days of VIP access for a super low price.

Oh…the Wealth Report will be pretty long. It will be about 180 pages (that is why it is taking me so long to finish it). If you are currently a Basic, VIP, or Gold member you have nothing to worry about: I will send you the report as soon as it’s completed (sometime between now and next Tuesday).

If you take advantage of the Special I mention in the Introduction, you will get it the same day that Basic, VIP, and Gold members get it. Otherwise, you may have to wait until next Friday or Saturday to buy it on Amazon.

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