8 Magic Numbers

Book-4 is Coming!

Click on the link below to open my latest PDF report. This report will give you a  preview of what you will find in Book-4! 4-BOOK-4-PREVIEW  

Book-3 is Ready!

Click on link below to open PDF! BOOK-3-INTRO

Book-2 is up on Amazon!

Book-2 is up on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076HNRJ35 Make sure you read Book-1 first: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076CKW59L

Book-2 is Here (Advanced Strategies)

In this second book in the series I build upon the foundation I laid in Book 1: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B076CKW59L I strongly suggest you read Book-1 first before reading Book-2. This Kindle has my most ADVANCED Pick 3 strategies up to date. In this Book I discuss these topics: *The Improvement to Group D. *How to Find […]

8 Super Numbers PDF + 15 Day Access for $15

My 8 number kindle is up on Amazon. For those of you who for some reason can not get the Kindle, I can email you the PDF version of it and give you 15 day access to my programs for just $15. If interested, email me at aanewyork4000@gmail.com with $15-KINDLE-15 DAYS on the subject line of your email and […]

Only Play 4 Numbers!

I have some exciting announcements! First of all, group A is due in New York. This is based on my magic square strategy that I explain in my 8 number kindle. And guess what? There are only FOUR (4) numbers in group A (all the groups have 4 numbers; even group D; I will be […]

The 8 Numbers Kindle is up on Amazon!

The 8 Numbers Kindle is up on Amazon!

8 Super Numbers and Magic Square 149

The number 419 (149 in box form) hit New York on October 7, 2017. What if I told you that this is one of the 8 Super Numbers in the Pick 3 game? If all you did was track these numbers (to anticipate when one of them will hit next) you will do just fine. […]

8 Magic Numbers: Pick 3 Secrets Revealed

(Don’t ask me how I know this):  SECRET 1: At least one of these 8 numbers hits New York almost EVERY month. It is quite common to see two, three, or four of these numbers hitting some months. The first four are the hottest. These numbers may or may hot be hot in your state as […]