Only Play 4 Numbers!

I have some exciting announcements!

First of all, group A is due in New York. This is based on my magic square strategy that I explain in my 8 number kindle.

And guess what?

There are only FOUR (4) numbers in group A (all the groups have 4 numbers; even group D; I will be explaining this update in the next book in the series). 

If you read the Kindle, do this: start from Sept 15 or earlier and write down the GROUP (A, B, C, D) that hit and the date. If the last groups that hit are: AAA, then B is due (A and B are the groups that hit most frequently).

If the sequence is DBBB, then A is the most due group, and so forth. (BBB is the sequence for NY which means that group A is due).  Knowing what group is most due will give you just FOUR box numbers to play! These 4 numbers are listed in the kindle.

Secondly, I will be putting up a NEW Digit Playlist program based on the 56 numbers from this system (when you wheel 8 digits you get 56 singles). I am also applying the same methodology to Win 4. It turns out that there are only 70 singles in the Win 4 game when this system is used! And there are only 168 doubles (total). What you will be able to do is enter the most due digit into this new Win 4 program and it will give you about 21 doubles to play for that digit. These can be played for about $10 per day at 5dimes..and the payout is $187. I will be explaining all this in more detail in future kindles and report.

The bottom line is that using the basic idea I explain in the 8 numbers kindle will help me simplify both the Pick 3 and Win 4 games – and make it easier to WIN!

I am already working on a followup Kindle that will explain more advanced strategies based on the same magic square. It should be ready in a week or two!


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