Expect Hits This Week in GA, IL, NY, ON, TN, VA

If you are on my email list, check your inbox. I just sent you the numbers for this week. (To be added, email me with ADD ME on the subject line of your email. My email: aanewyork4000@gmail.com). I posted the updated Excel sheet HERE. The following states are HOT – but they did not get […]

10 Number EXCEL Tracking Sheet-FREE!

Somebody just emailed me an Excel spreadsheet that tracks the 10 numbers that I send out on Sunday morning. They said this about this system: Hey, I took your 10 number system and put all the HOT States at the Top. I came up with a way to hit straight every week. I wait till […]

The NEW Excel Sheet for FEB 19

Did you get the NEW numbers for this week? If you did not, email me with SEND ME THE NUMBERS on the subject line of your email (you can email me at: aanewyork4000@gmail.com). =========================== I posted the new Excel Tracking Sheet HERE: The sheet shows the hits for the last 7 weeks. What you are […]

The Excel Hit Report Sheet (NEW!)

Go HERE to get the Excel Hit Report…It tracks the hits from my 10 weekly numbers in the last 6 weeks. NOTE: If you did not get this week’s numbers, email me with SEND ME THIS WEEKS NUMBERS on the subject line of your email. My email is: aanewyork4000@gmail.com ======================================= The dates are on the […]


I put up Pick 3 Excel sheets for some states – not all. However, I just put up a sheet you can use for your state. You can find it HERE. This sheet is good for ALL states. You just need to get the distribution of the last 200 numbers that hit your state. READ […]

NORTH CAROLINA, Minnesota, Virginia

My excel sheets give you six digits.  When you wheel six digits you will always get 20 numbers. For example, if you wheel digits 123456, you will end up with these 20 numbers: 123 124 125 126 134 135 136 145 146 156  234 235 236 245 246 256 345 346 356 456  However, I forget to […]