Secrets-2 is now just $2.99

Today is Friday April 21. Four of the best Kindles books I have up on Amazon are now just $2.99 (they were previously $9.99). In Secrets-2 I explain a tracking system that does not require the use of any program. This means that this can be used purely as a Pen and Paper system. I reveal […]

3 of My Top Kindle Books

Secrets-3 =========================================== Secrets-2 =========================================== Advanced Tracking Systems (Read this book right after reading Secrets-2)

4 Updates for Friday July 22

I have a service where I update the codes for your state for $60. This means that I will tell you what are hottest codes for your state. All you have to do is enter the last 60 numbers that hit your state (starting from the last drawing on Saturday night) into the R60 Decoding […]