DTD 40

Updates to the Regular DTD Program

Here are a few updates you will see on the regular DTD program in a day or two. I will remove the Straight list; it’s redundant. We only need the basic list of box numbers. (If you really need straight numbers, you can just read the digits from left to right on the reference box. […]

A DTD Secret Revealed!

Click on the link below to open up my latest Pick 3 report. A DTD Secret Revealed

Good for Midday Tue May 20 New York

No hit in New York tonight. Here is my 2 of 4 predictions for New York. Below is the output of the brand new program, DTD 40.  The 40 numbers  are good for the Tuesday May 20 drawing in New York. DTD 40 10 Numbers used: 580 110 373 873 362 242 504 092 718 […]

DTD 40 Gives the Same 3 Code Digits But in a Different Order

The DTD 40 program gives the same three Code digits as the regular Code-3 programs but in a different order. For example, the three Code digits for these 10 numbers (830 219 310 042 473 481 592 925 420 784) is 490 as you can see below. Code-3-BASIC 10 Numbers used: 830 219 310 042 473 481 […]

DTD 40 is Up at Pick3programs.com

DTD 40 is up and running right now at Pick3programs.com. This program only gives those numbers with the three Code digits; thus reducing the list from 56 down to 40 numbers! And it looks like New York is once again due some DTD numbers because none have hit in the last 4 drawings. So here […]