NEW YORK-Wednesday-Feb 17

Good for Friday and Saturday. SUPER HOT8-Way Match: 459 (1) HOT7-Way Match: 038 589 (2)6-Way Match: 569 579 (2) OTHERS5-Way Match: 027 028 029 034 035 045 048 124 169 239 245 259 269 279 289 389 458 578 (18) The 10 Most Due Pairs03 38 13 16 5802 69 45 57 28 REDUCED027 028 […]

“I want to learn your system”

Here are the steps you need to take to learn my system for the Pick 3 and Win 4 games. First, read this…. This Introduction Kindle explains the 40 number distribution, which is the foundation of my coding system. If you want the PDF, you can get it for $9.99. Just email me with $9.99-INTRODUCTION on […]

NEW YORK Pick 3 This Week: 315, 312, 526

This will be useful for those who play New York numbers or who have a 5dimes account: Here are six hot digits for the New York Pick 3 game. They are good for this week (now until Saturday August 3): 3-1-5-2-6-0 Three hot numbers made from these digits are: 315, 312, 526 =========================================== STRATEGY: If you have […]


I just sent out an Excel sheet (plus Report and Bonuses) for the Pennsylvania Pick 3 game.  The Excel sheet and Reports are useful if.. –You play PA numbers (Pick 3) –You want to know more about my Lucky 7 System –You want to know more about my 7 Day Coding System –You want to […]

LUCKY 7 TRAINING—Introduction email SENT!

My Lucky 7 System is the absolute BEST Pick 3 system I have ever come up with in my 25+ years of studying the game. As a matter of fact, I have gotten 5 HITS in the last 2 weeks playing the Virginia Pick 3 game. You can see screenshots of my hits (from my 5dimes […]

ADVANCED Win 4 Training (FREE for Gold Members)

I have some exciting news. I sent out a report yesterday stating that the Win 4 programs I have up are of limited use because the codes have to be updated consistently; ideally every week. Therefore, I will do the following: 1-I will create a FREE training course (via email) for Gold members. This will teach you everything you […]

Goodbye–Part 1

Please see my previous post. Download the report and read it: How to Get $35,000. In that report I say that I am focusing on investing in Real Estate now. Actually, starting next month (September) I will be too busy with my Real Estate career to be putting much time into Pick 3. The timing […]

My 4 Level Training System

My 4 Level Training System

7 Announcements ($900 Straight Hits Explained on the NEW Money Report)

1-The California program will be up today or tomorrow. If you have access to my VIP programs: Pay special attention to the instructions I have for the California program. They are very detailed. I will make the instructions for the other programs the same when I update them. 2-I will be renaming the name of […]

Play on Paper 90% of the Time

EMAIL I JUST GOT: I play the pick 3 in Arizona. I tried your system numerous times. I only got one straight hit, but that was years ago and since then your systems just went cold for me and I basically about given up. I don’t play pick 3 all the time anymore. I occasionally […]