“I want to learn your system”

Here are the steps you need to take to learn my system for the Pick 3 and Win 4 games. First, read this…. This Introduction Kindle explains the 40 number distribution, which is the foundation of my coding system. If you want the PDF, you can get it for $9.99. Just email me with $9.99-INTRODUCTION on […]

NEW YORK Pick 3 This Week: 315, 312, 526

This will be useful for those who play New York numbers or who have a 5dimes account: Here are six hot digits for the New York Pick 3 game. They are good for this week (now until Saturday August 3): 3-1-5-2-6-0 Three hot numbers made from these digits are: 315, 312, 526 =========================================== STRATEGY: If you have […]


I just sent out an Excel sheet (plus Report and Bonuses) for the Pennsylvania Pick 3 game.  The Excel sheet and Reports are useful if.. –You play PA numbers (Pick 3) –You want to know more about my Lucky 7 System –You want to know more about my 7 Day Coding System –You want to […]

LUCKY 7 TRAINING—Introduction email SENT!

My Lucky 7 System is the absolute BEST Pick 3 system I have ever come up with in my 25+ years of studying the game. As a matter of fact, I have gotten 5 HITS in the last 2 weeks playing the Virginia Pick 3 game. You can see screenshots of my hits (from my 5dimes […]

ADVANCED Win 4 Training (FREE for Gold Members)

I have some exciting news. I sent out a report yesterday stating that the Win 4 programs I have up are of limited use because the codes have to be updated consistently; ideally every week. Therefore, I will do the following: 1-I will create a FREE training course (via email) for Gold members. This will teach you everything you […]

Goodbye–Part 1

Please see my previous post. Download the report and read it: How to Get $35,000. In that report I say that I am focusing on investing in Real Estate now. Actually, starting next month (September) I will be too busy with my Real Estate career to be putting much time into Pick 3. The timing […]

My 4 Level Training System

My 4 Level Training System

7 Announcements ($900 Straight Hits Explained on the NEW Money Report)

1-The California program will be up today or tomorrow. If you have access to my VIP programs: Pay special attention to the instructions I have for the California program. They are very detailed. I will make the instructions for the other programs the same when I update them. 2-I will be renaming the name of […]

Play on Paper 90% of the Time

EMAIL I JUST GOT: I play the pick 3 in Arizona. I tried your system numerous times. I only got one straight hit, but that was years ago and since then your systems just went cold for me and I basically about given up. I don’t play pick 3 all the time anymore. I occasionally […]

“I never hit Pick 3…”

EMAIL I JUST GOT: Good morning my friend. I never hit Pick 3 or Pick 4 and I spend lots of money every day and am tired of losing. MY RESPONSE: Stop playing. Only play on paper. Track the numbers the way I teach in Secrets-2….Or use the 7 Day Number system. Or use any […]