Goodbye–Part 1

Please see my previous post. Download the report and read it: How to Get $35,000.

In that report I say that I am focusing on investing in Real Estate now. Actually, starting next month (September) I will be too busy with my Real Estate career to be putting much time into Pick 3. The timing is perfect because I am pretty much done with the Pick 3 game.

The ULTIMATE solution to the Pick 3 game is playing the hottest pair AND the top 4 codes (explained in Part-2 of the last lesson of the Training and in “The Ultimate Pick 3 System” report that I will be sending out soon to those who previously purchased The Coding Report or the Training).

This means that I will not be posting the numbers for New York on Saturday night (I will try over the next few weeks, but eventually I will be too busy to do it).

But this is a Good Thing because of my solution: I will give you the system I use to come up with the 10 numbers I post for New York. This will include an Excel sheet and several Special Reports that explain the system in detail.

I will give you this system for FREE.

If you are in New York (or you play New York numbers), this is GREAT because I will be using New York codes and New York numbers. If you are in another state, just COPY what I do for New York and you will get the same type of hot numbers to play in your state (assuming your codes are correct).

I will send out an Excel sheet with the codes for NY; all you will have to do is enter the 40 number distribution up in the top left corner of the Excel sheet and the hot numbers to play in New York for the next 7 days will populate the sheet automatically (you always do this on SATURDAY night; the numbers you get will be good for the next 7 days: Sunday to Saturday).

This means that you will need access to my programs to get the 40 number distribution (if you can get the 40 number distribution some other way, that will work too).

This system is based on my 7 Day Coding System – but you will not need to read the Report to use the Excel sheet – but you will need to read The Coding Report (or take my Training) and understand my 7 Day Coding System to come up with the hot pair and codes for YOUR state (if its not New York).

If you are a bit confused now, don’t worry; I will write a few reports that explain exactly what to do (they will be FREE). Again, if you are not in NY; just copy the system I am using and apply it to your state. If you have not done so already, I suggest you read the Introduction Kindle to learn the basics of my coding system (just $2.99). You can purchase the Kindle here:

I will be sending out the Excel sheet I use to get the hot pair and the hot numbers for New York later tonight (Saturday August 18).

UPDATE: I will still have time to do simple email related tasks; so you can still take the Training or order The Coding Report or any other report – I just will not  have the time to post or write lengthy reports like I used to in the past. 

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