I Just Hit 993 Straight in New York!!

This is my second straight hit this week. (I hit 494 straight on Wednesday.)  I want to say a few things about this.  You will have to take the following steps to understand what I am doing. 1-Read the Q4 Report (Secrets-4). 2-Read the G25 Report (Secrets-5) 3-Read The G25 Follow up Report (NEW!!). The G25 […]

I Just Hit 494 Straight in New York

I said I found the Solution to the Pick 3 riddle right? You will be seeing me get more straight hits than usual in the next few days and weeks, starting today. I just hit 494 straight in New York. I WILL BE SENDING GOLD MEMBERS THE NUMBERS I WILL BE PLAYING THE NEXT DAY […]

The Q4 Super Special (Read PDF Report)

Click on the link below to open a special report where I explain how you can purchase the Q4 system. This is a one  time purchase so there is nothing to join and there is nothing else to buy (the Q4 system is a pen and paper system so no program is required). And here […]

341 Straight in NY (Posted 3 days ago)

Look at the 40 numbers I posted on September 3.  341 is on the list and it hit tonight in New York! This 40 straight number system is based on an improvement I made to the Q4 system that makes it possible for me to reduce my playlist from 250 straight numbers down to just […]

The Q4 Super Special

I have two quick announcements. First, the Q4 Straight Number System can now be purchased as a stand alone system. This will include the special Grid or chart that the system is based on, a Report explaining the system, a Database (explained in the report) PLUS a few Bonuses: 60 day access to my VIP […]

045 Straight in New York!

My Q4 prediction hit again! 045 hit NY tonight and it was one of the straight numbers I posted – it hit  3 drawings later! By the way, this system works in ALL states and its a PEN and PAPER system. It does NOT require the use of any program. 184 Singles 025 026 027 028 029 […]

40 Straight Numbers for NY

It is now Saturday September 3 and 473 just hit NY. I am going to test out a new Q4 based system that helps me narrow down my straight list of numbers down to just 40 numbers. I will give these 4 DAYS to hit or 8 drawings: Saturday Sept 4 to Tuesday Sept 6.  […]

Secrets-4 is Coming!

Another Q4 Prediction for NY

The number 806 just hit New York. I am predicting that one of the 184 straight singles (most likely) or one of the 64 straight doubles (less likely) listed below will hit in the next 1 to 4 drawings in New York. This prediction is based on my Q4 straight number system. (I sent Gold members […]

Q4 is a Pen and Paper System (No Program Required)

I said that I would be sending out the codes for the states – but I have not. The reason being all the work that goes into creating a report with all the codes for any state…which requires going back 50 weeks at this point. In other words, the coding system is problematic on many levels.  However, the […]