Q4 is a Pen and Paper System (No Program Required)

I said that I would be sending out the codes for the states – but I have not. The reason being all the work that goes into creating a report with all the codes for any state…which requires going back 50 weeks at this point.

In other words, the coding system is problematic on many levels. 

However, the STRAIGHT number system that I will start teaching on Sunday to Gold members does NOT require any coding. (This is the same system I used to successfully predict the 309 that hit New York TODAY and 749 on Saturday).

The system does not even require a program.

That’s right; Q4 does NOT require the use of any program.

Q4 can be used purely as a pen and paper system.

All you need is the chart that goes along with this system. You simply print out the chart and track the numbers in your state the way I teach you. 

I bring all this up for a simple reason; if coding is too confusing for you or is somehow a problem, then you will definitely like the Q4 straight number system because it is by comparison, EASIER and much more SIMPLE to use.

Again, all you need are
(1) the chart that I will send you.
(2) the tracking instructions.

That’s it. You will not need a program. I will start teaching Q4 this coming Sunday, Sept 4 to Gold members.

Instructions on how to join at the Gold level here:

NOTE: I will keep using my coding system. It looks like these two systems will be the two primary systems I will be using over the long term. One is automatic and fixed (coding) and the other one is fluid and dynamic (Q4). They work great together. They support each other nicely. 

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