Super List

I Just Hit 606 Straight in New York

I am back in business boys and girls!  I just hit 606 straight in New York. I sent Gold members a “super list” of 59 straight numbers a few days ago. This list is good for New York (it may be good for Florida since FL and NY tend to mirror each other). In any case, the 606 […]

Play 179 in New York Today (Sat Aug 23)

If you play New York numbers (or if you have a 5dimes account), play 179 today and tomorrow for both midday and evening. In addition, these 10 numbers are good for New York until one of them hits.127, 145, 156, 179, 238, 246, 248, 346, 357, 378 The Pick 3 Coach

Example of Members Only email

See the PDF report below to see an example of the Members Only email I send out on a regular basis to those on my paid coaching program. By the way, you should have gotten this PDF report if you are on my email list, which is FREE to join. To be added to my […]

Sneaky Way to Get a Pick 3 Hit

If you are on my paid coaching program, check your email. I just sent out an update to the $600 Report on a “sneaky” way to get a hit using information provided FREE of charge by This strategy will blow you away! If you are not on my paid coaching program, you can sign […]

Playlists for Several States – Monday March 31

These numbers are good for the next 6 drawings. Cross reference with your systems/workout to narrow the playlist. I got these numbers by entering the last 6 to 8 numbers that hit these states on the Visual Digit Distribution program to get the 2 hottest digits and then I entered those two digits on the Digit Playlist […]

My Most Advanced Strategies are on the $600 Report

Lately I have been posting my latest and most advanced Pick 3 strategies as additional chapters on the $600 Report. Right Now the report is up to 36 pages…and it’s still growing. The only people who have been able to read this special report are the current members of my paid coaching program. And just […]

Forecast-Overlap Predicted 276 Too

It gets even better ladies and gentlemen! The Forecast-Overlap program had the 276 that just hit New York today as a 3-way matching number. (If you want to read the special instructions for this program, log into Forecast-Overlap 12 Numbers used: 590 369 208 938 417 154 884 294 038 241 133 959 Good […]