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Daily Numbers for TODAY Posted–FREE!!

Free Pick 3 Numbers for Today, Friday May 12 Posted HERE. =================================== TEXAS–LINE 7

FREE Predictions: CA, TX, FL, NC, etc.

FREE Predictions on my Watchlist page HERE.  I am testing out some new systems. I posted the date because I want to know how long it takes for one of the numbers to hit. When you see any of the numbers hit, please let me know. I will be adding predictions for MISSOURI and PENNSYLVANIA tomorrow! 


I just put up a NEW report. This report is FREE. Its called: 3–60 STRAIGHT NUMBERS-JAN 30 And you can find it here: This report shows… 1-The 19 hits from last week. 2-The states where this system works best in. 3-The states where this system does NOT work well in(at least so far). 4-My 60 […]

Let Me Know What State You Play

If you have not done so already, please email me with the STATE you play on the subject line of your email so I can email you my predictions for your state. For example, if you play Florida, email me with FLORIDA on the subject line of your email. If you play Michigan, email me […]