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Hit Report for Cheat Sheet-2 (PDF Report)

Hit Report for Cheat Sheet-2 (PDF Report)  Click on Link Below to open report. HIT-REPORT-CHEAT-SHEET-2

Cheat Sheet-3 is Ready! (Regular and Basic Editions)

The PDF version of Cheat Sheet-3 is ready right now! The Amazon version will be up later today or tomorrow. If you order the PDF version from me, you will get two versions; the regular one (over 70 pages!) with a lot of NEW strategies and systems and a shorter 12 page version with only […]

800 STRAIGHT in New York (Predicted on CS-2)

800 Just Hit New York! This straight number is predicted for New York on Cheat Sheet-2 (look at the report for New York on the book).  800 for NY is also on the original STRAIGHT-1 book HERE. Below are the actual numbers from the NY chapter from the STRAIGHT-1 book. What is interesting here is that […]

Buy CS-2: NEW Information on CS-3

I will be working on CS-3 (Cheat Sheet-3) this weekend. I will have NEW material in this edition including something called REV-20 and a Hot List that gives you the Best of the Best: a FEW super hot numbers from some of the states (not all states have hot numbers at the moment). Which means […]

Remember That Georgia Report?

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I have a service where I create a Cheat Sheet Report for ANY state at ANY time. I describe this unique service in the middle of this PAGE. Someone bought the report for Georgia on Tuesday (August 25). I mentioned this HERE. I clearly pointed out 6 (SIX) super hot numbers to play in […]

Q and A on the Group Matching System and FREE Access

EMAIL I JUST GOT Greetings. I purchased the book and need some assistance. You mentioned a program in the book and excuse me for not comprehending but please provide more details. Is this a program we have to purchase or are you calling the Groups programs?  For instance, please tell me the next steps to […]

I am Working on Something BIG

I am working on something BIG. This system requires that you play just 3 box numbers a day (or 18 straight) and will give you 3 to 6 hits a MONTH. Actually, the 781 that hit New York yesterday (August 25) was predicted by this new system (you only had to play the 3 numbers […]

Get the Georgia Report for TODAY, August 25 (Good for the Next 15 Days)

I offer a special service where I create a Cheat Sheet report for any state at any time. I describe this service in the middle of this page. I bring this up because someone just ordered the report for Georgia. For this updated report I use the 300 numbers starting from today: 760, 893, 232, 162….The […]

The LIST book is up on Amazon

The LIST book is up on Amazon. The numbers for 23 states are neatly lined up; just copy and paste them into any program you want to run all types of “experiments” and tests with different programs, systems, workouts, etc. There are 300 to 700 recent numbers listed for every state. This book is an […]

FREE 7 DAY TRAINING (More Details)

I just set up brand new training program to celebrate my arrival on Facebook: a FREE 7 DAY TRAINING program consisting of you getting Volume 1 and 7 day access to my programs 100% FREE of charge (there is no catch here, this is really totally FREE!). This offer only applies if you have never […]