Q and A on the Group Matching System and FREE Access

Greetings. I purchased the book and need some assistance. You mentioned a program in the book and excuse me for not comprehending but please provide more details. Is this a program we have to purchase or are you calling the Groups programs?  For instance, please tell me the next steps to take regarding NC numbers I have attached to this message. Thanks.

You have to read Volume 1 to understand my programs.

If you bought it, you have to read it. Chapter 12 explains the Group Matching System program. And to use the program….the numbers must be written out like this:

578 691 557 541 514 686….etc.

Which is why I have this book out now: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014948O8M

It neatly has the numbers lined up so you can just copy and paste them onto any program. This way you can run “experiments” on any program you want.

I do not sell individual programs; what I sell is membership to access my programs. And I actually have several programs in place that give you FREE access. I have a program now actually that gives you 7 days of free access.

Go here for details:

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