I am Working on Something BIG

I am working on something BIG. This system requires that you play just 3 box numbers a day (or 18 straight) and will give you 3 to 6 hits a MONTH. Actually, the 781 that hit New York yesterday (August 25) was predicted by this new system (you only had to play the 3 numbers this system gave you to hit 781 box in New York). Right now this system sounds almost too good to be true, so before I get too excited, I am doing more back testing. I am back testing this system in New York for 2015 (8 months). Then I will back test the system in Florida and then Texas, and then the other states. If this system remains solid after all this back testing, I will put it out. I will keep you updated. One thing I will reveal now is this: this system is completely based on the Followers. You use the followers to get 3 super hot numbers. This is one of the easiest and most straight forward systems I have every created; it’s super easy to use. However, you will need two things: (1) my list of Followers and (2) one of my programs (not saying which one just yet). That’s all I will say for now. I will let you know what I find after I am done back testing New York. You can learn more about the Followers here: https://pick3master333.com/the-list-000-999/



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