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Sunday Pick 3 Report for October 30, 2022

Below are the hits for last week (October 23-29). ARKANSAS670 Hit on Wednesday October 26. FLORIDA950 Hit on Saturday October 29. INDIANA506 Hit on Wednesday October 26. LOUISIANA095 Hit on Tuesday October 25. MISSOURI451 Hit on Monday October 24. NEBRASKA248 Hit on Wednesday October 26. NEW MEXICO716 Hit on Sunday October 23. OHIO789 Hit on […]

7789 Just Hit New York

7789 is NOT a hit – but I am in the right neighborhood. The NY Pick 4 page is here. UPDATE: I will be posting the Pick 4 Excel sheets for GEORGIA, MISSOURI, and TWO other states. These sheets will be FREE! The NY sheet is HERE.

PICK 4 EXCEL Sheet for NY, GA-FREE!!



Pick 4 STRAIGHT–New Page HERE.

ONE Straight Pick 3 Number System

This is the ULTIMATE Pick 3 System. It may or may not work in your state. To find out you will have to back test this system by going back at least 10 weeks. First, see this post:BOX 9 (More Hits!) | Pick3 Master 333 And this one (disregard the coding; just want you to […]

STRAIGHT Coding using B9

See this post. Now both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 programs give you B9 (Box 9). Both boxes look the same. The output now looks like this: B9 is now good for ALL states (including OHIO where the cold digits on the bottom work best). So no need to decide which digits are better […]

Sunday Pick 3 Report for October 23, 2022

Below are the hits for last week (October 16-22). ARKANSAS093 Hit on Thursday October 20. CALIFORNIA108 Hit on Wednesday October 19. CONNECTICUT613 Hit on Saturday October 22. GEORGIA531 Hit on Sunday October 16.925 Hit on Tuesday October 18.239 Hit on Friday October 21. ILLINOIS726 Hit on Saturday October 22. INDIANA560 Hit on Sunday October 16. […]

BOX 9 (More Hits!)

Box 9: All 10 levels of the Reference Box can be reduced to a simple 3×3 box using the first 9 unique digits in the Reference Box. I call this Box 9 or B9. The missing digit is the coldest digit. There are NO repeating digits in B9. For example, this Reference Box: 4 7 […]

ONE Number System: 147

I am predicting ONE number for New York: 147. This number can hit any way: 147, 174, 417, 471, 714, or 741. I am not sure when it will hit, but it will hit. I will be adding a new report to this product explaining the system I used:

NEW YORK: 127 147 579

These are the top 3 numbers for NY right now. NEW YORK: 127 147 579 They are good until one of them hits.