ONE Straight Pick 3 Number System

This is the ULTIMATE Pick 3 System. It may or may not work in your state. To find out you will have to back test this system by going back at least 10 weeks.

First, see this post:
BOX 9 (More Hits!) | Pick3 Master 333

And this one (disregard the coding; just want you to see the output).
STRAIGHT Coding using B9 | Pick3 Master 333

Please go back to AUGUST 6 (go back 12 weeks from now). It’s a Saturday. Get the B9 box for that Saturday for your state. That means getting the last 200 numbers starting from the last number that hit on August 6 in your state and pasting the list on this program. 

Now…check to see if the TOP number in the box hit STRAIGHT in the next two weeks: August 7 to August 20.

EXAMPLE: if this is the box:
4 1 8
9 3 7
6 5 2

…you are looking to see if 418 hits straight in the next 14 days.

Do the same for August 13 (add the numbers that hit in the previous week on TOP of the previous list of 200 numbers; the program will automatically remove the numbers from the end so you have exactly 200 numbers on the list).

Once again, get the B9 box and check to see if the top number in the B9 box hits STRAIGHT anytime from August 14 to Sept 3.

Repeat for the next Saturday until you get to the present. (yes, this will be WORK–but it will be worth it).

If you see the top number hitting STRAIGHT 3, 4 or more times during this period (12 weeks)…you are SET. You don’t need another Pick 3 system. All you have to do is play the top number in B9 STRAIGHT for the next two weeks going forward.

If the top number does NOT hit at all, your state needs to be coded.

Let me know if you do this and you see the top number hitting straight a few times during the 12 weeks – or if you see NO straight hits at all during this 12-week period.

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