STRAIGHT Coding using B9

See this post.

Now both the Pick 3 and Pick 4 programs give you B9 (Box 9). Both boxes look the same.

The output now looks like this:

B9 is now good for ALL states (including OHIO where the cold digits on the bottom work best). So no need to decide which digits are better (from the top 3 levels or the bottom 3) because B9 uses 9 digits. This means that MORE numbers can be coded for STRAIGHT hits. I will recode NY (and 2 or 3 other states). If you purchased the 3×3 system you will get this new coding system for FREE. Same thing for Pick 4; if you previously purchased THIS or THIS Pick 4 product, you will get this new Pick 4 coding system (based on the B9 box) for FREE. By the way…there is a good chance this will be my LAST coding project.

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