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The Coding Cheat Sheet: All the ABC Codes on One Page!

The code for the 466 that hit New York last night is 005 as you can see below (letter code is AAF). The question is this: Is code 005 an A, B, or C code? ***EMAIL me at to get the coding cheat sheet for the answer. Write “Cheat Sheet” on the Subject line of […]

The ALPHA Coding program is up (WARNING)

  The ALPHA Coding program is up on RIGHT NOW.  =======WARNING======== This program is so powerful that I may end up putting it on another site in the near future. Why am I saying this? Why is this program so powerful? Because you can use this program to code ANY state. You can use […]

Instructions for the brand NEW ABC System program!

Instructions for the band NEW ABC System program! ABC-Instructions-Coding Program-JAN-30

“What is Coding?” — “How does Coding Work?”

I just put up a new category on for my new ALPHA reports. And just to be clear, ALPHA will replace the Basic Box system because it is much more accurate…and it will include doubles. The ABC program will be based on the ALPHA system (see report below to learn more about my brand new ABC program). […]

Win 60% of the Time: The A-B-C Revolution

Win 60% of the Time: The A-B-C Revolution ABC-Revolution-1-30-2015

“I just lost my ass here in Florida on the Pick 3..”

New report. I just lost my ass here in FL on the Pick 3-JAN-28

ALPHA Triggers: The 1-2 Punch That Will Crack The Pick 3 Game Once and For All!

  ALPHA Triggers: The 1-2 Punch That Will Crack The Pick 3 Game Once and For All! ALPHA Triggers-The 1-2-Punch-JAN-27

ALPHA-14: Only Play the Next Two Days after a Hit

I just marked on a calendar the days that the ALPHA-14 program hit in New York in December and January and the days are these: December 1, 3, 5, 10, 11, 14, 16, 29, 30 (all midday hits) January 6, 8, 13, 20, 21, 24 (all midday hits) A strategy that comes to mind is simple: […]

ALPHA Coding Program Coming Soon!

Today is Monday January 26. I have 3 big announcements. 1-I will be releasing my own personal ALPHA coding program to those on my coaching program on February 1. This is the program I used to code the results of the last 12 months in New York (734 numbers) with the click of a bottom! […]

ALPHA-14 Numbers for Monday Jan 26

The ALPHA-14 program is now up at This program should give you 2 hits per week in New York. (I will soon put up a coding program that will make it possible for anybody to code any state). How good is the program? Well, lets see if it hits this week. Below are todays numbers from […]