The ALPHA Coding program is up (WARNING)


The ALPHA Coding program is up on RIGHT NOW. 


This program is so powerful that I may end up putting it on another site in the near future.

Why am I saying this?

Why is this program so powerful?

Because you can use this program to code ANY state.

You can use it to find the most dominant codes or numbers that are currently hitting in ANY Pick 3 game, anywhere.

You simply enter the numbers that hit in the last few months in any state to get the codes for those numbers.

Then you enter those codes on the Group Matching System, and instantly you will know what codes or numbers tend to hit the most in that state.

More specifically, you will know the PATTERN of the hottest numbers in that state.

That is how I came up with the ABC systemThe ABC system is based on the most dominant codes in New York right now.

And it does NOT matter if you use this program on a state that uses computerized drawings.

It does NOT matter if a machine is generating the numbers.

With this program, you will find the underling pattern that is controlling what numbers are hitting in any Pick 3 game, anywhere. 

So enjoy using this program for now, but don’t be surprised if I move it to another site in the future.

I may offer it as a separate service or product.

The Pick 3 Coach


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