The Coding Cheat Sheet: All the ABC Codes on One Page!

The code for the 466 that hit New York last night is 005 as you can see below (letter code is AAF).

The question is this:

Is code 005 an A, B, or C code?

***EMAIL me at to get the coding cheat sheet for the answer. Write “Cheat Sheet” on the Subject line of your email. I suggest you print it out for easy reference.**

You will find 005 on the C list of codes.

Therefore, code 005 is a C code.

The number 045 hit New York for midday yesterday and as you can see on the coding program output below, its code is 257.

Is code 257 an A, B, or C code?

Look at the cheat sheet and look for 257.

Code 257 is an A code because its on the A list.

You can do this for any NY code: find the code on the list and you will instantly know if its an A, B, or C code.

ALPHA Coding System

19 Numbers used:

466 045 669 527 796 195 158 160 165 866 386 446 890 354 526 076 838 635 591

466 = Code 005 = AAF
045 = Code 257 = CFH

669 = Code 005 = AAF
527 = Code 289 = CIJ

796 = Code 089 = AIJ
195 = Code 149 = BEJ

158 = Code 136 = BDG
160 = Code 056 = AFG

8 Number Codes
005 257 005 289 089 149 136 056 (8)


A few points to keep in mind here:

This cheat sheet is based on NY codes.

Every state will be different (I will get into how to code other states in the near future).

Also, do not get confuse with the codes.

CODES are NOT numbers.

They are one way of representing the LETTER codes (example: ABC, CIJ, AFG, BEJ, etc).

The reason why I prefer number codes is because they are easier to manipulate.

I can copy them onto the Group Matching System and see which ones are hitting the most.

I can even use them on the Reference Box program or the Digit Distribution Box program (to find the “digit” that hit the most on the inputted list).

That is why I like the number codes.

And to avoid confusion, I always have the word CODE in front of it:

code 345
code 135
code 689
code 014

Expect to see the ABC program up on sometime before Tuesday.

The Pick 3 Coach

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