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621 Just Hit New York (NEW Report)

New Report! Click on link below to open the report. 621 just hit NY

108 STRAIGHT Numbers for Wed Dec 31

I am sticking with the first digit, which tomorrow is still a 0. An outside number hit today (348) so I am expecting an inside number (52) to hit tomorrow, so I will use the Basic 52 program.  Good for Wed Dec 31 Basic 52 10 Numbers used: 843 713 301 983 004 200 654 […]

983 Just Hit New York (predicted last night)

 983 just hit New York (midday Monday December 29, 2014). 983 was on the list of 21 numbers I sent out last night. 983-JUST-HIT Group Matching System   2-Way Match: 069 079 089 129 139 159 169 179 189 239 259 269 279 289 349 369 379 389 459 469 479 (21)

Update Report for 12-29-2014

Update Report for 12-29-2014 DEC-29-2014-UPDATE

200 and 004 hit NY Today (follow up report)

200 and 004 hit NY Today. Below is the follow up report to yesterday’s report.  Predicting-3rd-Digit-PART-2  

Digit 3 for NY – See New Report

Click below to open my latest report.  I am Predicting the 3rd Digit for NY

Forget Doubles; Do This Instead

EMAIL I JUST GOT: I really wish I could discover a way to accurately predict when doubles will hit next. I would then play them all for 22.50 (all 90 doubles played for 0.25 cents).    MY RESPONSE:  You be better off tracking the 52 numbers; they hit more often. I am actually thinking of having […]

Members-Only Reports: Full List 12-23-2014

Click below to open a PDF report with the full list of reports currently available to paid members of my Pick 3 coaching program. Members-Only-Reports-12-23-2014 ======================================== $60 One Month Special ========================================

After a Blackout, Only Play the 52 Numbers Until One of Them Hits

Today was a Blackout in New York; the Basic Box missed for both midday and evening.  Here is what I would do now: I would now play the 52 numbers until one of them hits.  The great thing about the 52 numbers is that its just $13 to play them (0.25 cents) and you do NOT […]

3 Steps to Pick 3 Mastery

1–Find a state you like. The Basic Box program has to hit on this state consistently. 2–Do the 60 day training I talk about on my brand NEW 5Dimes report. 3–At the end of the 60 days your skills will be at a whole new level. Your ability to predict when the Basic Box numbers will hit […]