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10 HOT Numbers for New York for This Week

10 HOT Numbers for New York for This Week (Now to SAT NOV 5) (These are Box Numbers) 289, 345, 347, 348, 349, 357, 368, 369, 389, 456


QUESTION Do you happen to have a system that can give you related numbers? For example 241. What are all the possible related numbers?   ANSWER. YES I do. It’s the Plus 1/Minus 1 program. See examples of the output of this program below. (The program gives you box numbers and turns all straight numbers entered […]

241 Just Hit New York (Line 3)

I sent out a free report last night. (Click on link below to open the PDF report).  rundown-list-tracking-system This report explains a system that is good for ALL states. The system is based on my Rundown List program. I predicted that a number from line 1, 2, or 3 will be hitting New York soon. 241 (124) […]

The Rundown List Tracking System (FREE Report!)

Click on link below to open this FREE Report! Rundown-list-tracking-system

NEW Updated Secrets Page

I just updated my Secrets page. This page has the most up to date information on my most advanced strategies. If you are new to my systems, I suggest you read this page carefully.  Here it is:

15 Straight Numbers for TEXAS!

Here are the straight numbers for Texas that I promised. These 15 straight numbers are good for the next 2 months (60 days) so they are good from today until DECEMBER 21 (2016). 048 059 258 402 595 625 656 685 702 760 770 824 952 963 983 You will have to come up with […]

I Just Hit 606 Straight in New York

I am back in business boys and girls!  I just hit 606 straight in New York. I sent Gold members a “super list” of 59 straight numbers a few days ago. This list is good for New York (it may be good for Florida since FL and NY tend to mirror each other). In any case, the 606 […]