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The “Win 4 Doubles Playlist” is Up and Running!

I have good news! The Win 4 Doubles Playlist program is up. This program will give you all the doubles for any digit entered. For example, if you enter the digit 6, it will give you the 36 doubles that have double 6. The output looks like this: Win 4 Doubles Playlist The 36 Doubles for 66xx 0166 […]

How to Make a Living Playing Pick 3

NEW Report!  Click on link below to open it.  how-to-make-a-living-playing-pick-3  

You can use the G25 System if you have VIP Access

You can now use the G25 System if you have VIP access – even if you have not read the G25 Report. Just enter the last 100 numbers that hit your state on the brand NEW Workout program and it will give you 2 groups of 40 numbers. You should be seeing several BOX hits […]

The Hottest Numbers This Week for North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, and Texas! (VIP Program Numbers)

Below are the hottest numbers from the VIP programs I currently have for North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, and Texas. I am using the 60 numbers from Book-47 (all the state based VIP programs require 60 numbers to work-they are in box form below). I am showing you the output of the programs for these states below. […]

I Just Hit 155 Straight in NY

I got 3 straight hits last week and it looks like this winning trend will continue! Please read the PDF report on the previous post where I explain the new VIP programs I have for Ohio, Ontario, and Texas (“How To Get Hits in TEXAS, OHIO, ONTARIO“). VIP PROGRAMS > NEW YORK PICK 3 > […]

Two New Pick 4 Programs!

Click on link below to open PDF. Two New Pick 4 Programs

4 NEW Pick 4 Programs Added!!

They should be up in the VIP section later on today or by tomorrow. Here is a brief description of each (see the numbers on the menu below): 1-This one gives you the Revelation Box for Pick 4… 5-levels deep! 2-This one gives you the Revelation Box 10 levels deep! (Excellent for Researching, Game Analysis, […]

Method 453 Testimonial – 954 in VA

Hello Tony, Many thanks for your awesome foresight in creating the “453 Method “. Per your advice and counseling, I played it on paper for about 10 days, each time inching closer to the winning number. This morning I did the workout using the DTD Reference application. Right off the top, I saw that “9” […]

NEW VIP-Only Program: Program Instructions for DR20

This program will only be accessed by VIP members (you can join on a month to month basis if interested, email me for details at I describe VIP membership on THIS PAGE. However, you will still be able to use this brand new system (DR20) by carefully reading the detailed instructions below. This brand […]

New Instructions for the Master Numbers-8 Program (VIP Only)

Master Numbers-8 is a VIP Member program. It can be accessed on a monthly basis for $60 a month if you want to pay month to month. Below are the new updated instructions that come with the program. I have to set up your account in a special way for you to view this program when […]