Method 453 Testimonial – 954 in VA

Hello Tony,

Many thanks for your awesome foresight in creating the “453 Method “. Per your advice and counseling, I played it on paper for about 10 days, each time inching closer to the winning number.

This morning I did the workout using the DTD Reference application. Right off the top, I saw that “9” was going to be the middle number. On checking the Code Key Match, I realized that the number “4” had appeared twice in the middle pack, giving the second confirmation that the midday was going to be of 49x format.

Finally, I went to the spreadsheet and inputted the last digit of the last 10 draws (both midday and evening) using a conspicuous color. I realized that the third digit was trending upwards towards “3” so I chose “3,” and to be on the safer side,  added a “5”. The midday draw for Virginia is “954”.

Attached herein is the winning ticket. My point here is if you concentrate on these digits individually, you can win this game almost at will.

Thanks again for this awesome strategy.



I explain the basic principles of Method 453 in SECRETS-2. Email me if you want the PDF version of it at Here is the link to the Kindle edition:




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