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I just uploaded the straight Pick 3 tables forCalifornia and Ohio. I am including instructions. You can download the PDF and Excel sheets here:

STRAIGHT Tables for NY, GA, MO, FL

I just added the STRAIGHT Pick 3 sheetsfor Georgia and Missouri. The table for FLORIDA has been updated.I suggest you use the new one. The table for NEW YORK has been updated.I suggest you use the new one. All these tables can be found here: Read the top FLORIDA report to learn how to usethe […]


I just put up a PDF report and Excel sheet that will give you STRAIGHT numbers for the Florida Pick 3 game. You can download both HERE. Below is the TABLE for Florida for this week (explained in the PDF). 962 hit Florida yesterday…its on this table STRAIGHT: 9-6-2. 112 is also on this table […]

The TABLE System for STRAIGHT Hits

This is something I just added to my NY Excel sheet. This system predicted 445….STRAIGHT. This system predicted 274….STRAIGHT. This system predicted 579….STRAIGHT. I explain this system in the TABLE System PDF which you can download HERE. The Excel sheet is under the report. ========================================================= Below is the Table for New York for this week […]

579 Just Hit New York

I posted this is also on the Excel sheet for this week.

274 STRAIGHT in New York ($500)

I have some EXCITING News! I just put up a brand NEW program that gives you the most due STRAIGHT FRONT pairs: Unlike the regular 10-DUE PAIRS program, these pairs are STRAIGHT….and they specifically are the first TWO digits. Just enter the last 200 numbers that hit your state to get the most due front […]

I Just Purchased 54 Shares of AMC

I just added 54 more AMC shares to my Fidelity account. I am ignoring all the negativity regarding AMC (mostly coming from The Motley Fool). I am in this for the long term (a year). I now think that most of the “action” for AMC (the big squeeze) will happen sometime between January and June […]

4 Numbers–Good for July 18-24

CALIFORNIAGood for Sunday to Saturday (July 18–24)617 427 437 310Two Hot Pairs: 47 and 97. FLORIDAGood for Sunday to Saturday (July 18–24)590 146 946 017 387Two Hot Pairs: 87 and 48. GEORGIAGood for Sunday to Saturday (July 18–24)503 506 263 167Two Hot Pairs: 03 and 16. NEW YORKGood for Sunday to Saturday (July 18–24)759 893 […]

Pick 3 Numbers for July 18-24

Below are the hits from last week (July 11-17). ARIZONA821 Hit on Sunday July 11.612 Hit on Wednesday July 14. ARKANSAS628 Hit on Tuesday July 13.621 Hit on Thursday July 15.168 Hit on Friday July 16. CALIFORNIA194 Hit on Thursday July 15. CONNECTICUT546 Hit on Wednesday July 14. FLORIDA681 Hit on Monday July 12.761 Hit […]

3 Excel Sheets (P3-P4-P4 STRAIGHT)

I am running a Special. This special will give you four things: 1-Pick 3 Sheet (4 or 5 box numbers plus two hot pairs). 2-Pick 4 Sheet (about 10 box numbers and two hot pairs).I have to look at the codes to be sure; these may betriples (345, 678, etc) instead of doubles (34, 59, […]